Assassins Wall


Assassins Wall has an underlying current of terrorism in modern day Paris. France has been dealing with this issue for years. To show you readers that my research and choices were relevant/in context, please read the latest news links below.

Some further reading: From the Seine-Saint-Denis neighborhood, Department 93, I write about in the book.

Thank you Boston Univeristy College of Communication for mentioning the book on Facebook and supporting Alumni!

"Amanda Dubin (COM'98) has recently released her first novel, Assassins Wall. Described as "a ground breaking novel rooted in science and technology," Dubin's novel is a great read for anyone who loves strong female characters and adventure! Assassins Wall is now available on Amazon."

Mar 24 2014

Today is the Day!

Welcome, if you're a stranger, friend, family member, or even a looky-loo. Today is the first day the website for Assassins Wall is up and running. So take your time, look around, and see if you find anything you like.

Jan 16 2014

Book Description

In a Paris train station, Lexi Peters makes a startling discovery that sends her on a life and death journey, bringing together a group of people who all have a secret. But is she ready for the fear, torture, and death that lie ahead? Can Lexi survive the Assassins Wall?

Amanda Dubin takes you on a suspense-mystery-thriller-adventure ride that keeps you guessing what will happen next as you travel all around Paris.

Assassins Wall is the first in a trilogy of books.