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Apr 21 2016

Universe Olympics

New Book - New Adventure!

Hello Everyone!

I'm so excited to share with you a brand new adventure. I have written the first chapter of a new book called Universe Olympics, and it is ready to go and available on Amazon, iBooks, and Nook. Additional chapters will be released in the upcoming months. Enjoy! 

I know I will write more soon, and as my Grandma says, "Don't give up!"

Amanda Dubin

Nov 18 2015

Terror in Paris

As a writer and human being these terror attacks last Friday have been excruciating to watch unfold.

Today they raided the terror suspects in Saint-Denis, or Department 93. The very same neighborhood I wrote about in Assassins Wall. It's hard for me not to miss the connective ideas and parallels from the book to the recent Paris events. It reminds us that fiction can very easily become fact in a single breath. This was always why I choose to have one of my main characters be an Arab man defying expections of what has become, unfortunately, the norm in our world today. I previously wrote a long post about Saif, please jump over to my blog to read more of my rational and reasons. ullah muhammad

Given all the world as been through and unknowning what the future may hold for us, it makes me realize in retrospect how important it was picking Saif as a main cornerstone in Assassins Wall.

In dark times and dark deeds... as Tolkien always said, "As long as there is life, there is hope."

Never Give Up,


May 21 2015

Last Stop, Earth

Exciting news!

My children's book Last Stop, Earth is now available for sale! If you enjoyed Assassins Wall, and you have kids age 7-12 then please take a look at this fun science fiction story.






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Great News! Assassins Wall is now available on Nook, iBooks, Google, and Kobo.

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Jan 09 2015

Terror in Paris

This news post... there is no other way to put it... breaks my heart. In light of recent terror events in Paris, I wanted to shed just a little more light since I do write about it in the book and I have researched these neighborhoods in and around Paris that are being discussed during this event. 

Here is an interseting news link:

"Sorcerers, fortune tellers or Jinn catchers, as they are colloquially known, have existed for centuries in Muslim lore. Ordinary people in Iran and elsewhere flock to these men to get spells and prayers, and to communicate with Jinn in order to discover the whereabouts of a lost loved one or stolen property."

From the Wall Street Journal: 

This is a facinating in-depth article and, yes, it is a few years old but still just as relavant today. Worth the read to get a better understanding of the culture and belief of the Jinn in Iran.

Jul 01 2014

Jinn Spy on Iran?

Iran accuses Israel of using Jinn to spy on them:

What are Jinn? If you're wondering Google it or perhaps read my book, I discuss it in detail. For those of you who have wondered if I was making this up or my research wasn't up to snuff, here is the proof. An Iranian cleric who is an "expert" in Jinn was recently on Iranian TV taking about the Jinn being used by Israel to spy on them.

Assassins Wall has an underlying current of terrorism in modern day Paris. France has been dealing with this issue for years. To show you readers that my research and choices were relevant/in context, please read the latest news links below.

Some further reading: From the Seine-Saint-Denis neighborhood, Department 93, I write about in the book.