Assassins Wall


Hello and welcome, everyone!

It is exciting to start out on an endeavor like this. There have been a lot of firsts for me lately. Writing a book, big first, then joining Facebook and Twitter, and now I have spread my wings to a website and a blog.

To some this may seem trivial, and B.T.D.T. (been there, done that), but to me it's been like climbing up a mountain. I'm not at the top yet, but at least I have all the climbing gear I need to reach the summit. What's the elevation of this mountain? Good question, I don't know yet. Could be Everest, or it could be a small hill. I'm hoping it's the hill, but life never works that way, does it. So in truth, it's probably somewhere in between. K2?

So, until that summit, grab your climbing gear, and come join the adventure with me and the journey that is about to begin with Assassins Wall. Let's go...

Hope to write more soon. And as my grandma always tells me, "Never give up!"