Assassins Wall


Oh yes, how could I not?

I was recently at a family gathering and I was barraged with this question repeatedly by family and friends alike. But moving forward is not as easy as it sounds.

You, the writer, spend so much time writing a book and "living" in that landscape, it is a hard shift to the new imaginative landscape. In fact, I have been having a difficult time making the shift. Everytime I think of my characters in future scenes, my mind keeps pulling me back to Paris. As though it's not ready to leave that location...

In an odd way, now to some of you this may sound crazy, my mind is not allowing me to make this transition easily. I keep getting images of Le Pouce or Gare de Lyon in my mind's eye. But I say to myself... No, it's time to move on, jump into the next part of the story. And the craziest part is that I have no control over this imaginative process. Now you say, Amanda, this is your mind, how can you not have control over what happens in your imagination? Well, that is part of the whole mystery of art, isn't it? It decides. It tells you. It lets you know when it's ready. And it's not fully ready... yet.

So what do I do? Well, again this may sound crazy, I show my mind it's OK to move on. Gather pictures of the next locations, re-read scenes I have already written for the next part, and remind my imagination to let go of Paris. It's OK. It's time for Paris to learn to fly on its own. Push the birdy from the nest.

With all of this, in mind, oh how I love a double entendre, I'm moving forward. I hope to write more soon, and as my grandma always says, "Never give up!"