Assassins Wall


Apr 07 2015

Script to Book?

Wait... Did you read that correctly? Script to Book? Now, I know what you are probably thinking, "Doesn't it go the other way around, Amanda? Don't you take a book and then make it into a screenplay?"

Yes, that is the usual, normal procedural way to do such things, but I have often found I rarely do things "in usual way." That and the truth of the matter is... I couldn't help it. A poor excuse, I know, but I couldn't.

So now you are probably wondering: Did I write the script for Assassins Wall and then go back and write the book from the script.

The answer is YES... with a very good explanation.  

After 17 years of writing scripts for films, it seems the only format that tends to hit a piece of paper when I write. There are two reasons for this:

     A) It is the way I learned how to write in film school.

     B) I watch the story like a film in my mind. (Like when Saif walks across the station by himself leaving the group behind to watch as he approached one of the men. I, like Lexi, John, and Marise, had no idea what he was going to do. I sat back and watched, wondering how he was going to "ask" him.)

All of this is what happened with Assassins Wall. I got the idea, wrote the screenplay... end, done, thank for you playing.

But then something happened. A close family friend read the story and said, "Amanda, what are you doing? You are going about this all the wrong way. Books are before movies. You need to go and write the book of this story, FIRST! Then the movie."

So with a lot of hesitation, I jumped head first in the shallow end, and used the bare bones of my screenplay as the skeleton for the book. And if you have a good eye, you can still see bits of the script in the book. You'll notice at the beginning of each chapter there is a line with the time of day and place, just how it should read before each new scene in a screenplay. I decided to keep it in the novel, remind me, and keen-eyed readers of the origins of the book.

And I'm sure your next question is... Are you still writing in screenplay format? Yes, even now when you look at the sequel to AW or other stories... especially ones that I intend to be novels, on paper when I write it always comes out first in screenplay format.

I guess you can't change what is autonomic at this point.

I hope to write more soon, and as my grandma always says, "Never give up!"