Assassins Wall


In light of my recent posts many of you may wondering why, since Gare de Lyon is a real place, I didn't use a photo of the train station for the cover of the book. The reason is very simple. 

I can't. Legally, that is.

You see, in France there is No Freedom of Panorama. The what? Freedom of Panorama... What's that? You've probably never heard of it before, have you? Well, don't worry. Neither did I. That was until my friend who lives in Germany told me about it. Interestingly enough, Germany and the U.S. both do have Freedom of Panorama, hence why most of you have never heard of it before.

Freedom of Panorama, or F.O.P., allows individuals to take photographs or videos of public property/spaces, including architecture and sculptures, and use them without breaking any copyright laws.

And unfortunately for the purposes of my book cover, France is a NO F.O.P. country. Which means in simple terms, I, as an individual, do not have the freedom to take pictures of copyright material (Gare de Lyon) and use it for personal financial gain.

In light of the no F.O.P., I had to make an important decision. I knew I needed to show my readers what the wall looked like and it was also very important to show the placement of the wall in correlation to the platform. So I, as any self-respecting artist would do, improvised. I was given, by an eight-year-old neighbor, some tracing paper and soon, as if by magic, I had my cover for the book.

And yes, as in the book, that is a precise location of a train sitting between platforms E & G, and where I imagine the wall would be in the station. 

Link to further reading on F.O.P. for France:

I hope to write more soon. And as my grandma always says, "Never give up!"