Assassins Wall


As some of you may have noticed, there are a few recent additions to my novel. I added 8 pages of basic Geometry lessons.

Why did I do that? Well, the book was incomplete without it.

Remember back last May, I kept telling you how for some reason the story wasn't allowing me to move on. I was having the hardest time leaving Gare de Lyon. Now, I know why. The book, or rather the story needed the Geometry... wanted the Geometry.

It all started back in January of 2014, interestingly enough after it was published. I realized that from the beginning of Assassins Wall I needed to start basic Geometry lessons for the readers to understand where I was taking the story. I had to teach simple mathmatical lessons and move forward, slowly. I sat, more like mulled, over these few additions for almost a year. I made the simple mistake of thinking the book could do without them. I had already put it out there and it was best to leave things as they were. But for some reason I couldn't move onto the next installment. I kept asking myself... why? Why am I stuck in France? That's when I couldn't deny it any longer, and I gave in. The story... wouldn't let me move on without these new pages.

Sounds weird, right? The Story wants something; like it's a living breathing thing, needing some type of nourishment to grow... get bigger, mature. For some of you from an imaginitive landscape this may be very hard to grasp, but I will try and explain. Whenever I would move on to our next location and installment, my mind kept going back to Gare de Lyon. Time and time again... Gare de Lyon, which can be very, very frustrating. My imagination kept showing me these few Geometry lessons. (A = a Point... A point is a member of a set) Telling me over and over again the story was NOT done. The framework of the whole trilogy was incomplete without it. And until I did as it said... you can forget about moving forward. It held me ransom... Geometry or no next book.

So, why the Geometry, is a natural question you might be asking? Well, this is very hard to say to you... you'll understand it later. In book 3, in fact. I'm going to ask you to trust me. We, you and I, can look back on these math lessons and say... "Ah! Yes. We had to take it slow. Go through it step by step. Build up slowly to get right here. Now, "we" understand. You (that would be me, Amanda) were prepping us (that would be you, the reader) for what is about to come; to take this cognitive leap you had to give us the tools to go there. And the Geometry lessons are the tools."

Also, the Geometry brings in a much wider picture and understanding to the story. It is the framework that will, literally, hold everything together.

Now, the Geometry pages are finally in, and I can say this with an honest heart... the book is done. The story has been told to its' full completeness... yes, yes, I know, improper use of completeness. Spare me... but it is a mathmatical term... look it up:

I'm ready to move on. I have left Paris... And I'm ready to go to England.

I hope to write more soon, and as my grandma always says, "Never give up!"