Assassins Wall

AW Inspiration


Films to watch while reading Assassins Wall:

SEVEN DAYS IN MAY - This is one of those movies that fits the 5 minute rule. What is the 5 minute rule? It's a movie that you only have to watch 5 minutes of and you're hooked. The story, the acting, oh everything is so wonderful you are incapable of walking away. Yes, this is an older film. Yes, it is in black and white, but do not be fooled. This is perhaps one of the greatest Thrillers ever made. And you may ask why this movie? What is it about this film that was inspirational for my novel? It's the story. It starts with the building of information, slowly putting the pieces together, then it keeps you guessing at every corner, and the finale is well... I won't tell you. But it is worth a viewing. And nowadays with streaming online it's as easy as a click to watch this masterpiece of story telling. Link below:

KRAMER VS. KRAMER - Instead of going into plot summary for this movie, which you can find for yourself via the link below, I want to start with why this film inspires me for the novel. That is easy. Reality. I'm not sure if it's because of the decade it was made, or Director, or what, but this film feels real. It's honest. The acting, the shots, even the minimal use of music. You get a glimpse of raw emotions, time and place. You see, for me when watching most films I can see the artifice. I can see the artifice in script writing, or shots, or acting. I can see the artifice of camera movement, the blocking, even the soundtrack. It all feels FAKE, and forced. Not living and breathing. That is what makes this film different. It isn't. It's pure. It's true. It's real. That feeling, that grounding into reality is something I truly strive for in Assassins Wall.

Also, with this film the color palette inspired me. The '70s earth tones. The greens, the browns, and oranges. 

SHIP OF FOOLS - Now, I'm pretty sure most of you haven't seen this film or even heard of it. It's not one that comes up very often, which is a crime and shame. This is a master class in acting. The two main actors in the film, Simone Signoret and Oskar Werner, are extraordinary. Their performaces are brillant. The level of integrity that they play their characters, there's not a moment in which you doubt them or their performance. And that is a rare quality. Also, it is these characters themselves (La Condesa and Dr. Schumann) that inspired me. What they stand for and how they react in the narrative. That level of truth (notice the pattern here) integrity, and honesty was something I tried to infuse in Lexi, Marise, John, and Saif. And they were human, with flaws, positives, and negatives, above all they were human.


Below is a list of songs that I listened to while writing the book.

Listen in this order:

1) On the Road to Find Out- Cat Stevens

2) Green Garden - Laura Mvula

3) Give Him the Ooh-La-La - Blossum Dearie

4) Spaceship Earth - Four Parks One World (0:00 - 2:58)

5) Octopus's Garden - The Beatles

6) Weekend Warrior - Marlon Rando - Free Download

7) I Think I See the Light - Cat Stevens

8) You and I - Arthur Freed, Denny Markus

9) Spaceship Earth - Four Parks One World (7:57 - 10:53)

10) P.F. Sloan - Rumer

11) Don't be Shy - Cat Stevens

12) No One is to Blame - Howard Jones

13) World of Motion (Finale) - Epcot Soundtrack (2:25 - 4:00)