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Universe Olympics - www.UniverseOlympics.Com

As most of you know by now I have recently posted Chapters of a new book called Universe Olympics. And so many people have asked me, "What about the next Assassins Wall?"

First, let me say, I have not stopped working on it and actually I'm working on both stories at the same time. So Assassins Wall: Victoria Station is alive and well, and slowy being worked on. And don't think for a moment Lexi, Saif, Marise and John would let me get away with not listening to them. They won't and they are loud, sitting and waiting in England.

Second, that brings us to Universe Olympics and why I'm choosing to release it chapter by chapter. The answer is very simple; because of the Olympics. Most people understand that it takes years and years to write a book, edit it, and release it. And by the time I was completely finished there wouldn't be an Olympics in sight. My guesstimate would be in the middle of 2017. So I decided to get a jump on it.

And let me say, for the record, I love the Olympics, and I have had the idea for this story since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. With all of that in mind, I've had bits and bobs of this story ready to go and I thought, "why not release it around the Olympics?" As I get swept up in the excitement of the Brazil 2016 Summer Games, I'm hoping you might feel the excitement as well. Learn all about Liew, Amy, Stoke the Jam, and Pappie. Who are they? Well, you soon will find out.

Thank you so much for taking the time and interest in both this and AW. I couldn't do any of this without you!

- Author, Amanda Dubin