Assassins Wall


Nov 18 2015

Terror in Paris

As a writer and human being these terror attacks last Friday have been excruciating to watch unfold.

Today they raided the terror suspects in Saint-Denis, or Department 93. The very same neighborhood I wrote about in Assassins Wall. It's hard for me not to miss the connective ideas and parallels from the book to the recent Paris events. It reminds us that fiction can very easily become fact in a single breath. This was always why I choose to have one of my main characters be an Arab man defying expections of what has become, unfortunately, the norm in our world today. I previously wrote a long post about Saif, please jump over to my blog to read more of my rational and reasons. ullah muhammad

Given all the world as been through and unknowning what the future may hold for us, it makes me realize in retrospect how important it was picking Saif as a main cornerstone in Assassins Wall.

In dark times and dark deeds... as Tolkien always said, "As long as there is life, there is hope."

Never Give Up,